News on some of the cases Dr. Kamminga was involved in as mediator:

August 29, 2019: Settlement Reached Over San Francisco’s Notorious Sinking Luxury Tower (The Guardian)

August 28, 2019; ‘Big Numbers’ Settlement Reached in suits over SF’s leaning Millennium Tower (SF Chronicle)

July 30, 2018: Dutch Court declares largest ever European Investor Claim Binding (The D&O Diary)

May 12, 2017: TIAA Settlement Agreement Goes Beyond Monetary Compensation (Plan Sponsor)

August 9, 2016: Barclays bank reaches 100M US Settlement over Libor Rigging Scandal (The Guardian)

March 14, 2016: Ageas to Pay Fortis Shareholders €1.2bn Over Financial Crisis (Financial Times)

February 25, 2016: Vestas Settles Legal Proceedings in Denmark and India concerning former Chief Financial Officer Henrik Nørremark, RRB Energy Limited, and Eco RRB Infra Private Limited (Global Newswire)

May 19, 2014: Anadarko Pays $12.5M to Settle Deepwater Horizon Suit (Law360)

November 19, 2013: Johnson and Johnson in deal to settle hip-implant lawsuits (New York TImes)

August 30, 2013: GlobeOp to pay 10M to settle Madoff Feeder Fund suits (Law360)


Dr. Kamminga’s publications in the areas of mediation, contractual relations and negotiation include the following:


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Contractual relations and contracts

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