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Peter  Kamminga

Dr. Peter Kamminga has successfully (co-)mediated a wide variety of complex, multi-party civil matters. Years of resolving some of the most complicated, often highly technical and bet-the-company cases have yielded a nuanced acumen in several specialized legal fields and business sectors. Kamminga has built a track record in the finance, insurance, healthcare, energy, mining, automotive and infrastructure sectors, helping parties resolve contractual disputes, class-actions, and securities, anti-trust and bankruptcy matters. He currently mediates cases in the US and Europe with aggregate values of millions and at times billions of dollars or euro.

Starting as a mediator in Europe, he went on to gain extensive hands-on experience working alongside Judge Daniel Weinstein (Ret.) - one of the US top neutrals - for several years. He honed his skills in effectively navigating and helping to bring to resolution some of the most complex and high-profile disputes around. After he ventured out on his own, this unique experience quickly put him on the map as a preferred mediator for sophisticated clients and plaintiffs alike.

Clients particularly appreciate Dr. Kamminga for his unique cross-border profile and understanding of the insurance aspects of large claims. International corporations and organizations especially trust him with mediating cases that have substantial international aspects. These matters involve sophisticated plaintiff counsel on one side and, multinationals that operate in several countries on the other and require a dispute resolution expert that can understand the intricacies of these international business disputes.

His clients benefit from his unique experience resolving high stakes matters. He has developed an in-depth appreciation for the unique challenges organizations are faced with when doing business across borders, a deep understanding of the differences in legal systems, and valuable experience in navigating the cultural challenges that make resolving these issues extra challenging.

As a dispute resolution specialist and Professor of Law he works both in Europe and the U.S., and he is at home in European and U.S. legal and business settings. His profile is a good fit for these complex disputes involving parties from different countries and legal systems, that require navigating the various legal- as well as cultural challenges that parties are facing in resolving a cross-border dispute.

Dr. Kamminga is recognized both in practice and academia for his legal expertise in the field of contract and corporate law, and for being a quick study. He has a deep understanding of and interest in the intricacies and background of his clients' contractual relations. Clients value him for being an excellent listener, his ability to ask the tough questions, and his drive to find solutions that make legal and business sense. Next, to being an experienced mediator, Peter Kamminga (Ph.D., LL.M.) is also an associate professor of law, and a recognized scholar and author of books and articles on contract theory and dispute resolution.

These qualities make him a go-to mediator for not only major US and European organizations with a global presence but also leading plaintiff counsel, insurers, and government agencies.

Peter Kamminga grew up in the Netherlands and has lived and studied in Germany, France, and the U.S. He divides his time between Cambridge (Massachusetts), New York City, San Francisco, and Amsterdam.

“…calm and deliberate, exhibiting much patience in dealing with the people, focused on understanding the dispute and its nuances, while at the same time ‘driving’ the process and determined to get a settlement done.”
— AmLaw top 20 firm

Professional activities

  • Fellow at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

  • Associate Professor of Law VU Amsterdam University

  • Mediator for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

  • MfN Mediator and Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI) mediator

  • Co-founder and co-director Global Infrastructure Institute (GII)

  • Former Co-chair of the Future of ADR committee of the ABA IC Dispute Resolution Section

  • Former Legal Advisor at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek (Netherlands)

  • Former In-house counsel at ACTinium telecommunications consultancy

  • Held academic faculty affiliations at Stanford, and UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco


Committees and Memberships

  • Member ICC Netherlands Commission on Arbitration and ADR, ICC Netherlands

  • Member of the Commission on Arbitration and ADR of the International Chamber of Commerce ICC in Paris

  • Member of Committee on the Future of Construction, World Economic Forum

  • Member International Committee of ABA Section on Dispute Resolution, American Bar Association

  • Member scientific counsel GEMME (European association of judge mediators)

Kamminga’s clients express their satisfaction with his ADR skills and expertise, and his academic and professional colleagues recognize his legal knowledge in the areas of contracts and ADR internationally:

Ph.D. - His Ph.D. in the area of contract theory and dispute resolution received wide acclaim and received special mention as exemplary multidisciplinary research. Dr. Kamminga wrote his Ph.D. while a visiting scholar in residence at Stanford University’ Gould Center of Dispute resolution. It was nominated for cum laude and successfully defended at two universities, both Tilburg University in the Netherlands and Brussels University in Belgium.

Harvard Postdoc - After completing his dissertation, he received an invitation to join the re-known Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard law school. Initially, as post-doc and later as affiliated faculty at PON, he has carried out various research projects in the field of contractual relations and ADR and was involved in executive education at both Harvard University and VU University Amsterdam.

Affiliations - Over the past years, Dr. Kamminga was awarded academic affiliations at various institutions in the U.S. including UC Hastings College of Law and Stanford University (Gould Center) and taught negotiation and dispute resolution at multiple universities around the world.

Grants - In 2011 he was granted the prestigious Veni-Grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research to carry out studies into optimal contract regimes and procurement methods.

JAMS - Also in 2011, Dr. Kamminga received a Weinstein Fellowship award from the JAMS Foundation for his accomplishments in the field of alternative dispute resolution.


Dr. Kamminga studied at top universities in Europe and Ivy League law schools in the U.S. (Columbia and Harvard). He researches and teaches in his areas of expertise (ADR, contracting, and negotiation), and has written dozens of articles and several books on alternative dispute resolution. Professor Kamminga Ph.D. LL.M. developed and taught numerous intensive mediation courses at leading mediation and ADR institutes in the U.S. and Europe. Over the years he has worked with top-mediators and academics including Hon. Daniel Weinstein (Ret.), Gary Friedman, Professors Lawrence Susskind (MIT), Robert Mnookin (Harvard) and many others. He studied conflict management at Maastricht University and followed many hours of mediation training.